In terms of child safety, what is the role of children's watches?

In terms of child safety, what is the role of children's watches?

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  • 2022-04-11
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In terms of child safety, what is the role of children's watches?

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Safety is an unconventional topic, and because there is no clear understanding and judgment of danger, child safety is an issue that cannot be ignored. Statistics show that accidental injury and loss are the biggest threats to children. Every year, more than 50,000 children under the age of 15 lose their lives due to accidental injuries. What is even more surprising is that, according to incomplete statistics, there are 20 missing children every year. There are about 10,000 people, and the probability of getting it back is only about 0.1%. It can be said that in addition to educating children how to avoid accidental injuries, how to prevent children from getting lost has become the most concerned issue for parents.


While improving their own safety, the cartoon shape caters to children's preferences and helps children develop the habit of wearing them for a long time.

As a product to protect children's safety, first of all, while passing the test of their own safety, it can let children develop the habit of wearing them for a long time. For smart wearable products that children wear for a long time, watches are undoubtedly the most comfortable to wear, and the products that are least likely to fall off or lose uniformly, and should be able to do what they want in appearance. The DIZO children's smart watch realme techlife not only adopts rounded corner design and safety material to effectively prevent children from being injured after accidental rupture, but also the comfortable TPU material wristband is designed with a runway-shaped groove, leaving a certain gap when it comes into contact with the skin, which is breathable Perspiration, combined with the ultra-light body, makes it extremely comfortable and natural to wear, and children will almost forget its existence after wearing it for a long time.

Five-fold positioning, one-click for help... A wealth of safety measures to comprehensively ensure the safety of children

As a tool to ensure the safety of children and prevent them from getting lost, the DIZO realme techlife children's watch integrates various security measures such as five-fold positioning, one-key SOS, electronic fence, track query, and ambient sound monitoring. The practice of safety functions, although some functions may not be used by parents at ordinary times, but once the critical moment comes, these safety functions will play their role to fully ensure the safety of children.


In addition to real-time positioning, parents can also use the mobile phone APP to grasp the places their children have been to recently. If they find that they have been to dangerous places, they can remind their children in time and tell them not to go there again. A certain positioning function can protect children well, and abnormal locations can be paid more attention.


As parents, we cannot be with our children 24 hours a day, so we can rest assured to have a suitable smart tool to help us keep an eye on our children’s behavior in real time. At the same time, the DIZO children's smart watch also supports humanized functions such as exercise status recording and health status recording, which can not only cultivate good living habits for children, but also use realme techlife smart watches to communicate with parents, friends, etc., to enhance the relationship between relatives and friends. relation.


We also hope that in the future life, technology products like DIZO children's smart watch can better help us ensure the safety of children, so that children can stay away from harm and grow up healthy and happy.

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