DIZO announces ‘DIZO Days’ for special offers on DIZO products; First event from Aug 01-03, 2021

DIZO announces ‘DIZO Days’ for special offers on DIZO products; First event from Aug 01-03, 2021

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  • 2021-07-30
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[Descripción resumida]July 30, 2021 | Gurugram, India: DIZO, the first brand under realme TechLife ecosystem, today announced the ‘DIZO Days’ for its consumers.

DIZO announces ‘DIZO Days’ for special offers on DIZO products; First event from Aug 01-03, 2021

[Descripción resumida]July 30, 2021 | Gurugram, India: DIZO, the first brand under realme TechLife ecosystem, today announced the ‘DIZO Days’ for its consumers.

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- During the first-ever DIZO Days, consumers can grab DIZO GoPods D and DIZO Wireless at a special discount of INR 200 each unit

July 30, 2021 | Gurugram, India: DIZO, the first brand under realme TechLife ecosystem, today announced the ‘DIZO Days’ for its consumers. The celebration of DIZO Days will bring attractive deals and offers on DIZO products and the first-ever event will be live for 3 days starting August 01, 2021 till August 03, 2021. During this period, consumers will be able to grab the TWS earbuds - DIZO GoPods D and the wireless earphones - DIZO Wireless at a special price after a discount of INR 200 for each unit. 


Priced at INR 1,599, the highest rated TWS  earbuds in 1K-2K category - DIZO GoPods D, will be available for purchase at INR 1,399 only. As an achievement for a new brand, the product sold 2,300 units in just five minutes of its first-ever sale and both the colour variants - Black and White got sold out within few hours of its availability. Supported by renowned celebrities from the entertainment industry including Shenaz Treasury, Gauhar Khan, Varun Sood, Rithvik D and Kanika Kapoor, have also expressed their love and excitement towards the new TWS earbuds.

The best-seller DIZO Wireless, priced at INR 1,499 and also the highest rated  neckband in 1K-2K category, will also be sold at a discounted price of INR 1,299 only.

Both the products are available on Flipkart and are being highly appreciated by the users. 

DIZO GoPods D: Flipkart Link

DIZO Wireless: Flipkart Link


Boasting a mesmerizing Radial Metallic Texture, the DIZO GOPods D give the ears a touch of beauty with advanced engraving process and the dense concentric circles of 0.2mm precision, that are carved onto the surface, mimics the flow of music waves. The earbuds have been designed according to the ergonomics of the human ear and each impeccably designed earbud weighs just 4.1g, making it lighter than most earbuds available in the market. 

The DIZO GoPods D is equipped with 10mm Large Driver, and Bass Boost+ algorithm specially tuned by the masters of audio engineering from DIZO and realme who have over 10 years of experience working with some of the world’s top audio brands. Together the driver and audio tuning help improve the sound quality and elasticity while making the bass sound rich, smooth and incredibly powerful. The TPU + PEEK polymer composite diaphragm, additionally, brings deeper bass to give users clearer stereo output and an astonishingly wonderful listening experience.


A high-capacity battery, 40mAh for each earbud along with a 400mAh capacity charging case, will give users 5 hours of non-stop music playback per charge and up to a total of 20 hours of music playback  combined with the charging case. Further, in just 10 minutes of charge it will provide up to 120 minutes of playback time.

The DIZO GoPods D features Game Mode bolstered with 110ms Super Low Latency, which ensures that audio stays synchronized with visuals for smooth gaming and video experiences. And the Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) algorithm helps block out ambient noises during calls, so voice calls are heard crystal clear. Additionally, Bluetooth 5.0 provides a stable signal, long transmission distance and low power consumption. Thanks to Instant Connection technology, the earbuds immediately connect to the device as soon as they’re picked out of the case, making the pairing ever so convenient and time saving.

That’s not all, the DIZO GoPods D is supported by the realme Link App for users to personalize the earbuds, such as adjusting sound effects, customizing touch functions, and updating the firmware to better align the earbuds with user habits. Intelligent Touch Controls allow users to play/ pause music, answer/ hang-up calls, etc. by simply tapping on the earbuds. Last but not the least, IPX4 waterproof  ensures resistance from water splashes and ensures that the earbuds are safe from even the sweatiest workouts. 

DIZO Wireless

The DIZO Wireless weighs only 23.1g and its light-weight design ensures that users can wear it all day long. Memory Metal ensures that users can enjoy the magical automatic rebound experience and each time they put on the earphones, it will feel like it has been worn for the first time. The skin-friendly PTE silicon buds fit into the ear cavity in a manner that ensures users will feel no foreign body-like sensation in the ears. With the Magnetic Fast Pair (MFP) technology, they just need to separate the buds to continue the song track and clip them together to disconnect and, also save some battery alongside. 

Powered with an 11.2mm Large Driver and Bass Boost+ Algorithm tuned by masters of audio engineering, the earbuds will give an engaging music experience, even the electronic and rock gigs, anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, the Game Mode at 88ms Super Low Latency ensures that during gameplay or binge-watching, sync errors will not distort critical and winning moments of the game or your favourite movie. Further, the Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) algorithm significantly reduces ambient noise for the person at the other end during calls. 


Featuring a 150mAh high-capacity battery, DIZO Wireless give users a total non-stop playback time of 17 hours  on a single charge. It takes as less as 2 hours for the DIZO Wireless to be fully charged and with just 10 minutes of charging, it delivers 120 minutes of use. The earphones are supported by realme Link App for several customization options and are also IPX4 Water Resistant, making it suitable for Indian weather conditions – whether it’s a workout session at the gym or a quick run in the park. 

Quality Assurance

In terms of quality assurance, DIZO and realme have run extensive tests on both - the DIZO GoPods D and DIZO Wireless, including 10,000X magnetic connection separate/clip test, 2,000X charging port stability test, 5,000X charging port plug in/out test, 168 hours of high temperature and high-humidity test at 50°C/RH95% and 168 hours of temperature test at -450C/ 750C.

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